New York : Fire alert unleashes near Capitol a few days after Biden’s inauguration

New York :

Fire alert unleashes near Capitol a few days after Biden's inauguration

Washington, DC is heavily guarded by the National Guard and the Secret Service.

Photo: Stefani Reynolds / .

Participants in a rehearsal for the inauguration of the president-elect Joe biden They were evacuated from an area of ​​the Capitol after a fire broke out near the building.

In the middle of a intense security operationAfter the violent invasion of that building, the security elements transferred the participants, including members of a military band, to a safe place, when a column of smoke was seen.

The events occurred at almost 11:00 am

Fortunately, the incident was not related to the inaugural preparationsBut with a group of homeless people, reported the Fire Department of Washington, DC There are no people injured.

The Secret Service, which began an operation on January 13 and will continue until January 20, indicated that there was no “public threat”, although it recognized the alert actions to prevent injuries.

It should be remembered that neither President-elect Biden nor Vice President-elect Kamala harris they are in place.

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