New York : First bikini of the year for “La Venenosa” Carolina Sandoval and with a very close guest

New York :

Carolina sandoval She started the literal year in underwear or rather, in a bikini and revealing all her curves that are loved by some and highly criticized by others. In this opportunity, “The Poisonous” She put on a light bikini and began to dance because it is something she loves and that is not even necessary to explain. She must know almost daily lets know.

The former host of the show Telemundo in “Tell me what you know” made its “Live” with her sister, who meets the journalist a few days after the holidays and who is as funny as she is. Minutes later, he allowed his sister to dress up a digital trick app. He also clarified that to make a “Overnight with Caro” he must dress.

The content was a bit different. The sister of Carolina I read the questions to the Venezuelan and she answered. Obviously the topic of thyroid cancer was raised, which happened 10 years ago and which was made public in a massive way yesterday.

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