New York : For this photo they say that Francisca Lachapel is pregnant

New York :

Francisca lachapel, one of the spoiled of the chain Univision, revealed months later that he got married without telling anyone. Still, her followers and coworkers congratulated her and were happy for the good news.

Of these admirers, many are looking forward to the also model giving them a “Called the stork” and surprise everyone with the news that you are expecting your first child. In fact, the presenter recently published a photograph, which although it does not show the abdomen, her followers insisted that it already “She is pregnant”.

– “Hello Francisco, how many months are you pregnant?”

– “Soap, we want to know when you tell us that you are pregnant.”

– “Hello I thought you were going to say it, the first gift for my baby, please say it, we love you blessings.”

– “Suddenly I believed that you would announce the pregnancy. I have thought about it when you appear in Despierta América, because of the wardrobe you wear “

– “And how is that belly going?

– “It’s boy the Baby, Francisca !!!!!!”.

The Dominican did not clarify, or deny any of those comments that were left in her account Instagram And he hasn’t said anything on the TV show either. What we are sure of is that the followers of Francisca they are dying to see her pregnant, as she is one of the women they love the most on Hispanic television.

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