New York : Francisca Lachapel talks about her desire to have twins

“God send them to me,” Francisca Lachapel said very forcefully about the possibility of having twin children

The conductor of Wake up America, the morning show of Univision, Francisca lachapel, He was answering all the questions asked by his fans through his Instagram account. Among the many that they did to her, was the one about when her wedding would be with her fiancé, Francesco Zampogna, to which she replied that “He wonders the same thing, since COVID-19 changed all his plans “.

Among the questions, there was also the question of whether it is true that the driver wanted to have twins and she without hesitation said yes. She even mentioned a prayer: “God send them to me”, repeatedly. However, she also said that she does not want to skip the wedding step as it is very important to her, so for now “I would have to wait”.

There’s no doubt Francisca She is a driver who shows herself as she is and who cares to be very close to her followers. If you want to see the complete video in which the presenter answers the questions, you just have to click here.