New York : Gaby Spanic turns 47: the 7 hottest postcards of the Venezuelan on Instagram

New York :

Gaby Spanic turns 47: the 7 hottest postcards of the Venezuelan on Instagram

Gaby Spanic.

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Gaby Spanic is one of the most recognized and most beautiful Latin actresses what’s in show business.

The former beauty queen of Venezuela turns 47 today, but physically it seems that he is still in his 30s or even in his 20s.

Who remembered in novel roles such as “La Usurpadora”, “La Intrusa” or in “Soy tu Dueña”, currently has left the small screen performances, to star in the reality show “Dancing with the Stars”, ongoing program in Hungary.

Recently Dany Spanic’s sister faced her mother’s death, who died of cancer at the age of 67.

Rising like a warrior, Gaby has never stopped shining in front of the cameras and to show your photos wasting sensuality on his Instagram account.

1.- How God brought her to the World

Spanic opened 2020 with a spectacular photograph of her without clothes and showing that age is just a number when it comes to your body.

2.- Always sensual

To receive the month of March, The beautiful Venezuelan chose a black bodysuit, with transparency on the top, which carves your figure and curves for other dangerous.

3.- To the shower!

The soap opera villain decided to teach her followers (and also her fans), as he enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Acapulco.

4.- Legs that captivate

Among many other attributes of the beautiful performer, her legs were the central focus of a postcard uploaded on September 25, with a spectacular black suit.

5.- All a dancer

It was October 11 when Gaby Spanic, who turns 47 today, showed the first outfit she wore for “Dancing with the Stars”, a dress that left very little to the imagination.

6.- Looks that captivate

The Latina just had to stand on a pillar and cast a defiant look to earn almost 50 thousand likes for how beautiful it looks.

7.- Smile and curls

At the end of last November, Spanic She decided to curl her hair and pose in the dance show recordings in a purple dress and a provocative neckline.

If nobody doubts the talent that Gaby Spanic has in front of the cameras, much less someone You may question that she is one of the most beautiful Latinas today.

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