New York : Giselle Blondet makes an announcement that has her crying with happiness

New York :

Giselle Blondet makes an announcement that has her crying with happiness

Giselle blondet

Photo: Giselle Blondet / Courtesy

Giselle blondet cries … But of happiness! why? She will be a grandmother again, but this time of her eldest daughter, Andrea, who with her husband has been looking for a long time to be parents and they finally succeeded.

Since Sunday Gigi, as those closest to her say, assured that she had great news to give this Monday, and boy did she! Well, for his beloved ‘Floricita’, as he says to his granddaughter Sophia, a little cousin or cousin is on the way.

“Today I can shout from the rooftops the immense joy that I have in my heart. My beloved daughter Andrea, my little butterfly, will make me a grandmother for the second time. Andrea made me a mother for the first time, I still remember my first night with her by my side thinking about how it was possible that I was the mother of someone so small, fragile and beautiful. After a long journey with doctors and God’s blessing they made it.

I remember that I was parked in front of a pharmacy meeting by computer with a person and I received an insistent call from my daughter. I worried so insistently so I interrupted what I was doing and answered. What a beautiful surprise I got! I started screaming and crying inside the car. I wanted to tell everyone but promised that I wouldn’t do it until they decided to.

Andrea and Todd (my gringo son) will be exceptional parents. I couldn’t be happier thanking God for the arrival of a new grandson and because I am beginning to see my dream come true. I always dreamed of my children happy and having my house full of grandchildren running from one side to the other! Thank you God for this great blessing! I share it with you with much love. #abuelaenamorada #abuela #grandmalove #grandmother # mimariposita🦋 # familia💕 #familyfirst #loveher ”This is how Giselle broke the news through her Instagram account.

His first granddaughter belongs to his daughter Gabriella, and now it is Andrea, who married a year ago, who will make the sexiest of the nonas in the artistic environment a grandmother for the second time. Congratulations Gigi!

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