New York : Glamorous hairstyles to do at home

New York :

The end of the year parties are here and while we understand that the get-togethers will be a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous even from the couch.

Leonardo Rocco teaches you how to create a hairstyle that is sure to turn heads, whether you are celebrating at Zoom or IRL with your loved ones. The celebrity hairdresser, along with Dove, wants to give you the tools you need to achieve a stylish look from the comfort of your home.

Here we share a step by step of two hairstyles:

Queen of braids

We know you are a queen at all times! Add more sparkle to your crown with these fabulous braids!

  • To strengthen damaged hair, I recommend trying the Shampoo and Conditioner from the Dove Intensive Repair line. With its BioNourish formula, it leaves hair softer and shinier and helps detangle.
  • Once your hair is dry and parted in the middle, start a French braid on the left side. Open it with your fingers to make it more casual and bulky. Fastened with mini elastic bands.
  • Do the same on the right side. Cross the braid from the left side to the right side, pinning it together and creating an extraordinary movement. Cross the braid from the right side to the left side, weaving the braids together to create volume under the crown.

  • Lastly, spray on a good amount of Dove Style + Care Compressed Micro Mist Extra Hold Hairspray, which will strengthen the style by giving it extra hold without stiffness.

Crossed bows

Get in the holiday spirit with these cinnamon roll cross buns. And if you want to play around a bit, you can add colored barrettes around the bows!

  • To add volume to your hair and make styling easier, start by washing with a collagen shampoo like Dove Volume & Fullness Shampoo.
  • Let your hair air dry or use the hand dryer and a round brush. To give more volume, apply Dove Care Between Washes Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo.
  • Pro Tip: You can use this dry shampoo to wash or style your hair, because its lightweight formula cleanses and provides the extra body and volume that your hair needs.

  • Double benefit! Take a section from the top of the head, comb it back, and make a ponytail. Begin twisting the hair around the elastic band until you have a loose, relaxed bun.
  • Comb it back and take all the remaining hair into another ponytail. Now twist the hair and make a second bun. Join the two bows and you will be spectacular.
  • Spray on some Dove Style + Care Compressed Micro Mist Extra Hold Hairspray for the finishing touch.

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