New York Governor says he won the battle for the Covid-19 vaccine to reach the undocumented

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday that he won a battle against the federal government that sought to force people who requested to be vaccinated against the coronavirus have to give their personal information, which would scare away the undocumented, ensuring that the state of New York will ‘ will break ‘that rule, to allow everyone, regardless of status, can be vaccinated without fear that their data will be used later by the Immigration authorities to be deported or a family member.

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“If an undocumented person does not get vaccinated, it compromises their health and compromises the entire program, because it will only work if it reaches the population massively,” said the Governor, adding that after negotiations to share data on vaccination, now the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “agreed that the State will not send personally identifiable information that can later be used to determine whether a person is a citizen or for deportations.”

And by insisting that it should be a fair distribution, and for which he sent a letter to the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Cuomo predicted that New York will again lead that path in which everyone will be included. “The good news is that we waged that effort on the vaccination rules for undocumented immigrants. The federal government built the program basically by asking states to request and collect data such as Social Security numbers, if they are citizens, passport or driver’s license numbers, for anyone who gets vaccinated, which represents an alert sound. for the undocumented ”.

When the federal COVID-19 vaccination plan was announced, the Federal Government indicated that all people who are vaccinated would be required to present an ‘explicit personal identification’, and that, according to Cuomo, looked as if the vaccination was intended to be used. to identify who is undocumented and who is not.

In response to the Governor’s remarks, New York Immigrant Coalition (NYIC) co-CEOs Murad Awawdeh and Rovika Rajkishun were delighted that CDC and HHS have removed “unnecessary barriers” to obtaining this vaccine.

“In New York, immigrants who have served on the front lines of this pandemic will no longer have to choose between their privacy and the health and safety of their family,” they said in a statement. “We thank Governor Cuomo and our partners for joining our fight for investments in the health of immigrants and communities of color. Our activism ensured that the only agenda that drives the vaccine program is our collective health. “

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