New York : Guaynaa apologizes after controversial video of Lele Pons with a crocodile

New York :

A few days ago Lele pons was involved in a controversy when she drew attention on social networks by posting several videos on Instagram stories where she is seen in a pool swimming with a crocodile whose snout was wrapped in black ribbon. Which caused her to be harshly criticized and accused of ‘animal abuse’.

Before the wave of messages against her was her boyfriend Guaynaa who likewise resorted to the networks to offer apologies for not having explained this situation before uploading the recordings and declaring why they had the animal in their home.

“What was with us in the pool was an alligator, which is an animal native to the southern part of the United States, especially Florida,” he began his explanation.

“It is a rescued ‘alligator’ and the ‘tape’ in the mouth was to avoid the bite, because they are very agile,” explained the artist. In addition, he assured that the lizard had a special treatment so that it could swim calmly.

“I am not an animal abuser, I am a pet lover; I have six dogs in my house. In fact, there were three dogs there, and the least we wanted was to run out of one of them; it was another of the reasons why the alligator had a tape in its mouth, ”continued Pons’s boyfriend.

And he ended by making his apology public for not having reported anything about it: “So excuse me for the lack of information. I love them and I am not a goat or an animal abuser; we are super sad for this type of news ”.

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