New York : He walked 11 kilometers a day to go to work and his neighbors give him an incredible gift

New York :

An 18-year-old student from Cobb County, Georgia, walked seven miles to work after school every day hoping for save money to buy a car, without being aware that his effort was awakening the solidarity of his neighbors.

Specifically from his neighbor Lavonda Wright Myers, who, moved by his story, decided to organize a fundraiser to give him a car.

Last Thursday, Jayden Sutton received his Honda fresh from a local dealership to his surprise.

On one of his walks to work, the young man came across Lavonda who, seeing him and learning about his story, awakened in her the desire to help him. That day, she drove him to work in her car, but afterwards she couldn’t shake the idea of ​​wanting to do something else for him.

The woman shared her story on social media and started a fundraiser that quickly began receiving the first donations. Lavonda was able to raise a total of $ 7,000, which was enough for the manager of the Honda dealership to sell them a car.

The car arrived at the best time for Jayden. Their mother had just lost hers and they weren’t having a good time.

Fox5 Atlanta, a local outlet, captured the moving scene last Thursday when Sutton was pleasantly surprised. His thanks went off the screen.

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