New York : He will relive the rivalry: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will meet again this Tuesday

New York :

Two and a half years have passed since that duel between Barcelona Y Real Madrid in which they faced Lionel messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo for the last time but this Tuesday we will see you again face to face, although “El Comandante” will wear a different shirt.

Back then, in May 2018, In the Classic of Spain, the teams divided points, but “La Pulga” and CR7 collaborated in the score of 2-2, each one scoring a goal.

Now Cristiano’s shirt will be different, since he will be representing Juventus, but surely the rivalry will be intact.

Barcelona will come to the duel urged by a good performance, since in their commitment last weekend in La Liga they fell to the modest Cádiz, signing their second defeat in three games and leaving many doubts due to their last appearances in the home tournament, although Champions League they have perfect pace. It will be a great opportunity for the blaugrana of vindicate themselves and show that they can still stand up to hierarchical rivals.

On the other side will be La Vecchia Signora, which in their last games in Serie A have dropped four points, so they moved away from the top of the home tournament, but in the Champions League they are already classified to the next round, like Barcelona, ​​only They will seek to define the leader of the G sector, which at the moment is Barcelona, ​​but with a win by 5 goals or more, the bianconeri would rise.

This will be the last commitment of both teams in the regular phase of the tournament, after in the first leg in Italy the Catalans won the 0-2 victory against Juve, who could not count on Cristiano Ronaldo for that match to give positive for COVID-19 days before. Now both teams have already confirmed the presence of their figures.

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