New York : Heart attack! Alexa Dellanos flossing thong that heats up on Instagram

New York :

Alexa dellanos He continues to turn on Instagram with his heart attack photos. The daughter of Myrka dellanos always surprising with her tiny outfits that leave little to the exception and her new image was no exception.

Despite being in the middle of winter, Alexa raised the temperature of the networks with a red-hot postcard that leaves little to the imagination. The young model wore an almost non-existent dental floss thong.

Looking at the camera and posing in profile, the curve of his rear was exposed to the delight of his more than 2 million fans. Miami is a heavenly place and the weather allows Alexa to continue wearing these micro garments.

A few weeks ago Alexa had also posed with a white bikini so small that they showed her entire figure.

It seems that Alexa is proud of her buttocks since her side and sword pose are the ones that reign on her Instagram.

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