New York : Historic moment: Players leave Champions League match due to alleged racist insults from the fourth official

New York :

This Tuesday there was a unprecedented situation in world football, since during the match of Champions League between Paris Saint-Germain and the Istanbul, the players of both teams they left the court, after an element of the Turkish team accused the fourth official of having launched a racist insult.

The duel stopped at minute 7, when the board scored 0-0 and there was an accusation against Sebastian Colţescu, the Romanian whistler, of calling Pierre Webó “black”. Faced with this unprecedented and unlikely situation, the players from both teams decided to go to the locker room.

The incident that would have led to the insult arose after an entry about Neymar, where Webó, who was on the bench, protested the marking and spoke with the fourth official, which led to the expulsion by the central referee of the Cameroonian, but before leaving, the African asked him annoyed why he said to the central defender, “kick the black man out,” referring to him, and he continues to rebuke him: “Why do you call me ‘black’?”

Shortly after, Demba Ba also faces the whistling room and tries to explain why his action is offensive, questioning whether he also uses the term “white boy”, as well as uses the “black boy” as could be heard in the transmission.

Behind this, his teammates asked the Romanian for an explanation, who denied the accusations while the members of Paris Saint-Germain approached to learn about the situation. In a matter of minutes, both teams left the court in protest, even executives of the Parisian club left and the meeting was suspended indefinitely.

UEFA is expected to give its position shortly and the game can be resumed or rescheduled. While that happens, the players continue to do warm-up exercises in the tunnel that leads to the dressing room, in case their return is required in the next few minutes.

According to the . agency, The Turkish team, through its president, announced that it will only end the game if the fourth official leaves, which up to now has not been endorsed by UEFA.

Results for today, Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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