New York : Hollywood actresses write a letter to Piñera in support of the authors of “A rapist on your way”

Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore and Milla Jovovich are among the actresses who signed the petition to support The Theses, who were denounced for “inciting violence” and for “threats” against the Chilean police.

“Let’s sign this petition and show Chilean President Sebastián Piñera that the world is watching.”

It is the forceful message of the more than 30 Hollywood actresses who have signed a letter in support of the collective Theses -authors of the successful feminist hymn “A rapist on your way”– in which they seek the Chilean government to withdraw the complaint that the Carabineros (the police force) filed against them in June before the Valparaíso Prosecutor’s Office.

The Chilean police accuse the group of “threats to the institution”, of “an attack on authority” and of “” incitement to hatred and violence “for the lyrics of the feminist anthem of The Theses.

Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Milla Jovovich, Eva Longoria, Amber Tamblyn, Olivia Wilde, Amy Poehler and Leonor Varela are some of the signing actresses, in addition to the American singer Cat Power. There are also several film producers, photographers and writers who supported the letter with its form.

Through social networks, several of these women asked that the charges against Las Tesis be dropped and that Piñera support the decision not to continue with the complaint.

“We believe that when power systems attack a woman for opposing social violence, they are attacking all women“Argue the actresses.

“The theses have been unfairly accused of inciting violence and threats against the police, who said they feel intimate and fearful of future attacks,” the petition read.

“It is clear that these fraudulent charges and the artistic censorship against Theses they are directly related to their ability to inspire millions of women in Chile and around the world to demand a systematic end to sexual violence with which women are forced to live every day. ”

Choreography of The Theses in Colombia.
. “A rapist on your way” became a worldwide and massive phenomenon that went around the world.

“Fire to the pacos”

The Theses, made up of four women -Sibila Sotomayor, Daffne Valdés, Paula Cometa and Lea Cáceres- declared in late June that Carabineros seeks to “intimidate” them with the complaint, and criticized “All government support” to the police institution.

“To believe that we are the ones who induce people to hate the Carabineros is to underestimate the people,” Paula Cometa told local media. “It is a check of how this system it violates us and violates us all the time and, above all, in the running of the bulls ”.

Instead, Carabineros believes that “it becomes evident that the so-called [de Las Tesis] aims to create intentional animosity ”against the police.

“Fuego a los pacos” (police, in Chile), “fuego a la yuta” (another expression to refer to the police), are part of the phrases pointed out by Carabineros that motivated the complaint.

“They persecute us, block the exits from our houses, provoke, infiltrate as protesters and start burning everything. They parade armed through our streets. They release gases, hit, torture, rape, destroy, blind us. The Government does not listen and renews the weapons of the police, “continues the letter of The Theses criticized by the police institution.

The Theses in Buenos Aires, February 2019.The Theses in Buenos Aires, February 2019.
RONALDO SCHEMIDT / . ImagesThe Theses in Buenos Aires, February 2019.

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