New York : How do olive oil and olives benefit weight loss?

New York :

exist numerous and relevant reasons why in the world of nutrition, wellness and health, they can’t stop speak effusively about the unmatched benefits of the olive oil Y the olives. While it is popularly known that they are two treasures of the Mediterranean diet, which fill flavor, nutrition Y personality a long list of delicious dishes. The truth is the olive oil is the Mediterranean wonder par excellence and is extracted from succulent olives, that is why both are products that are associated with immense therapeutic properties.

The good news is that today we have various scientific references Y studies, which endorse the medicinal power of olive oil and that is why its consumption is one of the health measures most recommended today. In such a way that we know that use olive oil as the main source of fat, is the most faithful measure for protect cardiovascular health, thanks to its positive effects on cholesterol cholesterol levels and its unmatched contribution in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are highly medicinal. In fact, there are references such as the information published in Healing Foods, in which the power of these fatty acids for normalize blood clotting and they are also key to control blood sugar levels. In addition, olive oil is a wonderful source of Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and helps protect cells against damage caused by free radicals. At the same time, it is one of the most powerful agents

Their anti-inflammatory properties they also help relieve all kinds of pain and are essential in preventing degenerative diseases (which mostly stem from chronic inflammation). Olive oil is also considered one of the best foods for weight loss, which are associated are its benefits for speed up metabolism and its power to eliminate unhealthy fatss. In addition, your contribution in oleic acid reduces the sensation of appetite and, therefore, the need to Eat excessively.

Taking into account that today feeding is the most important aspect in good health Y weightloss, the sources of dietary fats they have become a relevant topic and somewhat controversial. That is why lately, the type of fats with which we base our diet has opened the door to numerous debates about the animal fats, the vegetable fats and the seed oils.

That said, medical and nutritional specialists agree that the extra virgin olive oil is incredibly healthy and has positioned itself as a great slimming food ally. The good news is that despite false beliefs on the effects of consumption of olives at body weight, thanks to its peculiar richness in nutrients Y healthy fats, they are also a wonderful addition to the diet that promotes weight loss.

The slimming benefits of olive oil and olives:

The first thing you should know is that nutritional properties from olives (olives) and the olive oil, they are not exactly the same. An interesting fact, in the case of the olives is that in addition to the oil itself, which is rich in nutrients and that is composed between a 20 and 25% of its total weight, contain a good amount of water, fiber, vitamins Y minerals that benefit health in different aspects.

  • Between the great qualities of olives draws special attention, a nutritional concept called unsaponifiable fraction, which refers to a very small percentage but fundamental of healthy elements in a oil or fat. In the case of olives, said fraction contains micronutrients as: tocopherols, phenolic compounds Y sterols, which are substances of great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All these factors are related to positive effects for speed up metabolism Y enhance fat burning.
  • For his part the olive oil it’s full of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), which in addition to keep the heart healthy and the stable blood sugar levelsThey also help you lose weight. The reason is simple since they are responsible for promote a feeling of fullness, which avoids the consumption of empty calories Y Saturated fats that are related to weight gain.
  • The nutritional profile of olives varies according to the type of olive Y the healing method. Still, most are low in calories, high in healthy fats and usually also in salt (it is therefore very important to consume them in limited quantities). In 1.2 ounces (34 grams) of black and green olives, which is the equivalent of 10 small to medium size olives, we find the following values: black olives: 36 calories and togreen olives: 49 calories. Thus 100 grams of olives will contribute on average 150 calories and a great content of potassium, iron, vitamin E, zinc and magnesium.
  • According to information revealed by the Fat Institute (CSIC) olives help burn fat thanks to your high adiponectin content, which favors the elimination of fats from the body until five hours later having ingested them.
  • Another genius is that olives they are very rich in iron and are related to large improvements in physical performance, fill us with energy and they are a great ally for promote physical activity.
  • For his part the nutritional profile olive oil: provides 900 calories per 100 grams, therefore one tablespoon contains about 135 calories. Experts recommend the daily consumption of 40 ml of extra virgin olive oil, which means around 350 calories. Sound like a lot? It will never be, especially when we follow a diet in which vegetables are the protagonists, and processed foods are avoided, high in calories, saturated fat Y refined flours. Remember the calories that olive oil contributes to the diet, contribute much more to healthd than the intake of many other everyday consumer products.
  • Olives are rich in polyphenolic antioxidants, which combat the damage caused by free radicals in the body. It is also believed that its addition in the diet is of great help in reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions.
  • For his part the olive oil is a extraordinary ally for protect the gastrointestinal tract. The reason is simple its content in monounsaturated fatty acids promotes a better mobility of food through the colon, which benefits The digestion and ensures a smooth bowel movement. It is well known that good digestion is a key aspect for a optimal weight loss, poor digestion can hamper metabolism Y affect weight loss.

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