New York : How each zodiac sign destroys a relationship … without knowing it

Failures can end a relationship and we don’t notice it until it’s too late

Arguments in a relationship can end badly

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It is normal that we all commit mistakes during a relationship. If there is love, trust, affection and respect, we will know how to accept that we are wrong and we will learn not to fall into the same thing in order to prosper sentimentally. But there are times that the degree of offense is so great that it can completely destroy a relationship and we do not realize it until it is too late.

Every Zodiac sign it has virtues and defects, however, there are attitudes that must work to avoid damaging the heart of the person they love. The Black Horoscope portal tells us how each sign can destroy a relationship without knowing it.

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The reckless and temperamental character of Aries can confuse his partner as he gets carried away by his drive and euphoria. One day it can be too loving and another distant; Your mood influences your emotions, and if you can’t control your momentum, you can push your loved one away.


They tend to resist changes and are not flexible when their partner asks them to do so, which can damage the feelings of their loved one. Taurus doesn’t like to get out of the rut, but for the sake of a relationship they can make exceptions.


The problem with Geminis is that it is difficult for them to establish their priorities, so they tend to not give enough importance to a romantic relationship. Of course it does not mean that you do not love your partner, it is difficult for you to realize that it is very important in the life of that person. However, when you become aware of the love that exists between the two of you, you are able to make your loved one happy.


The most sentimental sign of the Zodiac is afraid of getting hurt so he tends to hide and suppress his emotions. This can be interpreted by your partner as a sign that there is nothing between you and you will walk away no matter how sad it may seem. There are times when it is better to risk a little to get what we want.

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You tend to focus on yourself, what you want and feel, and forget that your partner has needs too. Leo must realize that the world does not revolve around him and the problem is that when he realizes it is too late.

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Look for the perfect relationship, which does not exist. He spends a lot of effort trying to fix his partner’s little flaws, but doesn’t realize that he too has mistakes and areas of opportunity. Also, you must remember that loving means accepting a person with their strengths and weaknesses.

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In his attempt to have a harmonious relationship, he ends up being quite passive and that can make his partner despair. Libra usually keep things until they can no longer and explode, obviously, that confuses their partner and will walk away.


When Scorpio falls in love, he becomes possessive that he wants to control his partner from start to finish. In addition, they often have negative ideas and will think that their love is unrequited, which is not always true.


You like strong emotions and adventure, but you must learn that a relationship is not only about fun, there are also responsibilities. Sagittarius couples tend to tire of their light and irresponsible attitude.


Capricorn sets very high goals and wants his partner to meet those expectations, however, he must understand that people do not think like him or have the same goals. A relationship is about sharing and each person moves at a different pace; if you become aware of it you will make your partner happy.


It is difficult for him to express his feelings, which causes that his relationships do not go far. Aquarius needs time to trust love, but not all people have a lot of patience, so you need to show even a little of what you feel.


This sign has a very particular way of seeing reality. He is a dreamer, creative and very imaginative, so he believes that everyone has the same perspective and when he realizes that each person is a world and thinks differently, he is easily disappointed. To enjoy love, you must enter the world your partner dreams of and understand it.

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