New York : How long would it take to get coronavirus during the holidays or Christmas dinner?

New York :

December is, for many, the most anticipated month of the year as we celebrate Christmas and with it, we guarantee to be able to see and be close to our loved ones.

However, the plans for 2020 have had to undergo an unexpected modification and that practically nobody likes us because of the coronavirus issue. We are in an intense regrowth phase that is leaving high rates of contagion and death from COVID-19, for which the authorities ask everyone to stay home for Christmas, thus giving up any type of meeting, either with family or friends .

Perhaps many think that this measure is somewhat drastic and exaggerated and their plans for parties or Christmas dinners are still in place. But when you read this, you will probably start to think about it 2 or more times.

How long does it take to get coronavirus at Christmas dinner?

To try to raise awareness among society, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released the results of a study model that tells us what is the probability of contracting coronavirus during the following weeks.

The model is based on a Christmas dinner with 10 people, who meet in a room of no more than 20 square meters and among them is a person with COVID-19, who transmits the virus through aerosols.

If you used a mask all the time during dinner …

With this variable, there could be 4 scenarios. The first, if the room where the meeting takes place has natural ventilation, everyone wears masks and you speak in a normal tone of voice, it is likely that no contagion will occur for 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Taking into account the same scenario but with the variant that no guest wears a mask, there could be infections in the first 14 minutes of the meeting.

In case the room where everyone is gathered does not have ventilation and the guests do not wear masks, the contagion time is reduced to 12 minutes.

In the last scenario where there is a room without ventilation, everyone without masks and speaking loudly, the time for contagion to occur it is only 9 minutes.

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