New York : How to avoid family fights and have a merry Christmas

New York :

Christmas is a time characterized by family meetings and, as Mundo Psicólogos affirms, they can be the scene of disagreements within the family because people who are not necessarily on good terms can meet.

But nevertheless, there are ways to avoid family fights that damage the spirit of the age and lead to a hard time with loved ones. Next, some keys will be presented that will help us to prevent fights and thus have a good Christmas.

Don’t create false expectations

The thought may arise that people will put existing conflicts aside to make way for happy holidays for children and adults alike. This doesn’t always have to be this way, and thinking about it could create an uncomfortable period for everyone.

It is preferable to stay calm and not force yourself or others to “be okay”, keep your feet on the ground and be clear about the scenario most likely to occur of all possible.

Limit family or work commitments

There are work and family commitments that can give us the impression that we have to go to all of them, but nothing less true than that. It is important to set priorities and identify what is really valuable, what is accessory and what is expendable.

The foregoing will avoid an excess of responsibility that derives in a situation of physical and mental exhaustion that makes us twitch and make us more susceptible than normal.

Avoid controversial topics of conversation

Saving complicated topics for another time can be a good way to avoid arguments. Source: Pexels

As obvious as it may be, it is worth noting that in family gatherings should not be present those issues that generate marked opposite positions in the nucleus. This applies to external matters of the family, as well as internal and specific matters.

If you need to discuss a sensitive topic with someone and it cannot be postponed, it is preferable to do so in a relaxed setting of the House and after lunch or dinner. Obviously, it must be in a respectful way.

Eat and drink in moderation

Eating and drinking excessively can lead to a situation of disinhibition that increases the chances of a conflict that clearly could be avoided.

It is not necessary to be completely abstemious and this is not ideal in a celebration of this type, but it is necessary to have a some degree of regulation with what is consumed so as not to lead to conflict in a time like this.

No family member has to have a hard time because of family fights during Christmas. This is why these keys become relevant to help prevent the celebration from being ruined by existing bad relationships.

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