New York : How to do a relaxing massage to release tension from your face yourself

New York :

The massages are usually revitalizing, because they allow drain stress and relieve the body of pain when relax muscles. One part of the body that we sometimes overlook is the face. It turns out that we must also perform massages in this area to improve the quality of life.

How facial massage drains tension

In these times of pandemic the stress caused by lockdown, lack of work, and fear of contagion, has increased stress on many people. In this sense, the Body lets us know when we are wrong.

In fact, having the tense muscles and pains in the joints can lead to other health problems. But where these effects are most noticeable is on the face.

Have the clenched jaw, the tongue touching the palate and even have the shrugged shoulders, they are a sample of the tension that is in our face.

Something we don’t notice is that we have the furrowed eyebrows if we are stressed. This is quite common, and so a massage facial can drain stress and change the appearance of our face.

Eyebrow massage: how to release tension from your face

Usually, this type of massage is performed by a professional. Due to the pandemic and security measures to avoid contagion, it is best to do it by own account.

Face massages can help relieve stress. Source: Pixabay

It is not a difficult technique. You just have to take into account the instructions and do it in the best possible way. Also, there is no moment determined to massage your face.

First you should start by making a gentle massage. Then, we must use the index finger and thumb to start massaging and to pinch the front of the eyebrows. This should be done until you reach the final part. With the index and middle fingers we must go massaging the temples.

In the end, we must apply a little pressure in the middle part, between eyebrows and forehead. If possible, we can use massage oil.

The benefits of massage

There are different types of massage for him face, and the pinch eyebrows It is one of them. This procedure actually it’s not painful, but it must still be done with care so as not to hurt ourselves.

According Stylist, this procedure helps with circulation, since it is a massage technique of yoga. Thanks to this massage it is possible to eliminate toxins of the body.

By massaging the area around the eyes we will be able to stimulate and increase the circulation of the Layers of skin that are deeper.

Massage contributes to improve tone and texture of the skin. On the other hand, it will help alleviate accumulated tension and it will give a different aspect to our face.

With 10 minutes a day that we dedicate to it, it will be more than enough to feel renewed and prepared for everyday activities.

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