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Whole wheat bread is one of the healthiest variants, it is nutritious and offers extraordinary health benefits; To fully obtain its immense benefits, it is essential to know how to choose a true wholemeal bread.

Bread It’s one of the most basic products in society’s diet, largely thanks to its nutritional and medicinal properties; its consumption is an important carbohydrate source who stand out for being power source for the organism. Its long list of qualities makes bread one of the most indispensable products when we do the home shopping, when it comes to deciding the offer is wide However whole bread has been listed as one of the healthier options.

The benefits of choose to consume whole wheat bread they are huge not only because it is a fact that it is more nutritious, the reality is that it is associated with great goodness for health, among which its effects to improve digestion, combat constipation, it is a good option for keep a healthy weight, strengthens the immune system, protects the heart and helps regulate sugar. With all these qualities it is normal that it is our favorite option, however Have you ever wondered if the products you buy really are whole wheat bread?

How to identify a wholemeal bread?

When we are in the bread aisle at the supermarket we can notice that there are many variantsIt can even be overwhelming decide on the healthiest alternative. In some cases packaging of various brands they have the legend that says “integral” and in other cases we take it for granted judging the color of the bread, always choosing the darker. The truth is that In the supermarkets there are very few options, this is because its poor longevity does it incompatible with the business model of department stores and food sales platforms.

The aspects that you should always review:

Whole wheat bread comes from use of common wheat flour, the important thing is that it contains whole grain ground; This is a key aspect since it provides the three components that make it different and healthy: the saved (the shell is the high fiber part), the germ (it is the part where nutrients such as proteins and fatty acids are found) and the endosperm (It is practically the starch that contains the bread).
Check very well the type of flour that contains bread, since most of the commercial options are characterized by their composition in refined white flour mixes and a minimum bran percentage (shell), this is the trick that many brands use to integrate legends that indicate that they are products “High in fiber” and what actually happens is that the germ has been removed from that bread, which is the part where the lipids that accelerate the flour rancidity.
Avoid confusion there are many variants of commercial bread that simply by containing some percentage of whole grain flour can be classified as integral, it also happens with the variants of breads that their packaging indicates that they are made with multigrain or that contain seeds.
Don’t fall into the mistake of catalog darker colored breads as wholemeal, what happens with these variants is that simply rye flour has been added, whose grain is black.
The rule is simple when you are hesitating about buying a whole wheat bread, read the label in detail; if he First ingredient is not whole wheat flour it is not whole wheat bread.
Remember whole wheat bread is always strong and firm, so much that it even costs to split it.
It is crunchy and when it breaks it emanates delicious aromas, also has a more pronounced toast.

In recent years the fury of healthy food has become one of the major trends to live better, have a healthy weight and fight diseases, that is why many people have chosen to change the consumption of traditional white bread which is associated with nutritional deficiencies (since it is stripped of all its vitamins, minerals and proteins), of course this change has led them to choose wholemeal bread consumption. Without a doubt making bread is an ancient trade who rescues wonderful traditional processes, that’s why a great option for buy a good whole wheat bread is to buy it at local bakeries; They are usually distinguished by caring not only for the type of grain, but rather focus on the whole process such as the quality of grinding, fermentation and of course all the art of the baker.