New York : How to protect yourself if someone you live with gets COVID-19

New York :

Living with a person who has been infected with Covid-19 exponentially increases the risk of contracting the disease, which deserves very strict hygiene and health measures to deal satisfactorily with this situation, according to Healthline.

Wear masks inside the home, get away from the infected and maintain good ventilation of the house are some of the options that people who live with a person infected with Covid-19 have. Others of them will be detailed below.

Limit contact with the infected

One of the first measures to execute is isolate the infected person in a single space in the house, preferably your room, so that you have limited contact with other people. If you share a room with another individual, they should also isolate themselves.

The infected person should be kept in quarantine for a period of 14 days from the onset of symptoms or from the detection of the disease. If the case is serious, this period should be extended for the time required.

Keep windows open

Encouraging the ventilation of spaces in the house will prevent traces of the virus from remaining in the home. This is achieved if windows are kept open to facilitate air flow.

This is especially important if you remember that the virus can remain in the air for a limited time, retaining its contagion capacity.

Wear a mask

As uncomfortable as it may be to wear a mask at home, using this type of protection will reduce the chances of getting it. Using the mask is especially necessary if it is not possible to keep a safe distance from the sick person.

The use of masks inside the house will reduce the risk of contagion. Source: Unsplash

Surgical masks are the best for this situationAlthough you can also use a cloth mask if it is the only thing you have on hand.

Wash your hands and disinfect surfaces

Naturally, maintaining good hand hygiene and sanitizing surfaces frequently will provide a greater safety for people who have not been infected.

It is preferable to wash your hands with soap and water for a period of no less than 20 seconds. In this routine you cannot miss the spaces between the fingers, which can easily mobilize the virus.

The use of antibacterial gel with a minimum of 60% alcohol It is the other recommended option to keep our hands clean. The infected person should also wash their hands very regularly, and not just those who do not have the virus.

Living with a person with Covid-19 It requires a joint effort between people who do not have the disease and the individual who is infected so that the experience is as bearable as possible for all parties.

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