New York : Immigrant who revealed Trump was hiring undocumented immigrants faces deportation

The immigrant worked at the Trump Golf Club in New Jersey.


An undocumented woman who worked for a Donald Trump company He faces deportation, according to information provided by his attorney to the Washington Post.

The Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) denied the asylum request of Victorina Morales, a 47-year-old Guatemalan woman who fled violence in her countryThe agency said the immigrant took a long time to apply. An asylum must be processed in the first year of arrival in the United States.

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Morales, who has been in the country for 19 years, worked as a cleaner at President Trump’s golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. The woman and another co-worker revealed in 2019 that the Trump company hired large numbers of undocumented immigrants.

Once that information was released, the Trump Organization fired several workers without legal documents to work in the country.

“Our employees are like family members, but if they present false documents, we have few options as an employerYes, ”said Eric Trump at the time.

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The women spoke about the subject motivated by the anti-immigrant rhetoric from the president.

Morales is due to appear before an immigration judge on August 26.