New York : Ivanka Trump was “spoiled,” says former best friend

Ivanka Trump has shown herself to be an elegant and educated woman.

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Ivanka Trump He stands out in the White House for his almost pristine social demeanor, but this was not always the case.

According Lysandra Ohrstrom, A journalist writing for The Observer and Huffington Post, gave a very different description of the First Daughter in a text published in Vanity Fair, where she shows her as “sweet and charming”, but also “spoiled” and impulsive at the time of the shopping.

The woman was allegedly a bridesmaid at Ivanka’s wedding to Jared kushner in 2009, but later they stopped being friends, to relate “politely”, but not with such closeness.

Said the president’s daughter Donald trump she was assiduous to use her father’s credit cards to go shopping, in addition to blaming other people for actions she committed.

Ohrstrom attended the same private girls’ school on the Upper East Side with Ivanka, says in the text “Ivanka Trump was my best friend. He is now MAGA royalty “.

The journalist decided to make her opinions about Ivanka public, considering that it was time to remove “the veil” from people’s faces. She voted for Joe biden.

He added that the president’s daughter, who is also an adviser in the White House, watched movies and questioned whether police officers lived in houses that, from her point of view, “could not pay,” in addition to having a disdain for the poor.

One of the anectodes that Ohrstrom remembers most is when Ivanka decided to blame a partner for a fart.

“One of the first memories I have of Ivanka before we were friends is when she blamed a classmate for a fart”, he claimed.

President Trump’s daughter is called “Princess” in the White House, due to his behavior and a style that aims to approach royalty.