New York : Javier Ceriani answers Daniel Bisogno: “Leave the bad milk of the industry”

New York :

As we told you yesterday, during the transmission of ‘Selling’ in Azteca TV, Daniel bisogno strongly attacked Javier Ceriani.

He accused him of making up news and said: “Poor devil who does not give one and has to be looking for false notes all the time, he is the biggest disgusting, but also with that badly fucked witch’s face.”

Today, from his Youtube program ‘Gossip No Like’ and in TV star, ‘Gossip Live ‘, with the support of his partner Elisa beristainCeriani replied. He assured that he was not bothered by being insulted, that personally it did not offend him, and that they also talked about other people, but that what he could not tolerate was homophobia and the derogatory way of speaking, in feminine as if being a gay man or woman would be an insult.

After an hour and a half talking about the subject and counting the number of people who called him, since the night, both to support him and to confirm the alleged relationship that Bisogno has with a 23-year-old, Javier Ceriani received a message that it misplaced it.

A source within Azteca told him that the board of directors of Azteca TV had decided to separate Bisogno from ‘Ventaneando’. Before this news, which clarified that it was not yet confirmed, it broke.

And assuring that he will never be happy when someone is unemployed, he said the following through tears:

“Hopefully we are living in this historic moment that things change, that there is more morality. I love television, I love the industry, I love radio, things have to change, stop fucking people, do things right, have human dignity. Honor life, honor your work, people feed us, make us, we are nothing without people, enough, enough of so much shit. Come out of the closet, those who have to come out, come out the harassers, come out of this industry, let us do what it is, entertainment, our Hollywood, our glamor, our life, our joy. We are the ones who make people smile … Leave the bad milk of the industry, leave forever, leave us those who love this industry alone “, ended.

Why did this war break out? Javier Ceriani, assured a few weeks ago, that Marjorie de Sousa I already had a boyfriend, a businessman named Vicente Uribe, who was supposedly married.

The businessman traveled to Los Angeles and, through Marjorie’s publicist, Alberto Gomez, He summoned Ceriani in the lobby of a hotel to introduce himself, confirm that he has been in a relationship with the actress for 6 months, and show him the divorce certificate, where he says that since 2019 he has been a free man.

Yesterday, Bisogno and Pedro Sola, with the support of Paty chapoy, they were outraged that the businessman has traveled to Los Angeles to give that exclusive to Ceriani, assuring that in Mexico there are programs and journalists of greater prestige. It was there that Bisogno insulted the Argentine journalist, an insult that he repeated again on social networks.

In ‘Gossip No Like’, Ceriani assured that he has proof that one of the problems with so much aggressiveness on the part of Bisogno is that he could not have come out of the closet because of Chapoy’s birthday, but that he loved looking for ‘whistles’ in the area Rosa from Mexico, while he worked to get exclusives.

Was Bisogno fired? Although we have not yet been able to confirm that information, this Thursday, the journalist was not present at the show.


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