New York : Jenni Rivera’s father responds to rumors that his daughter is still alive

New York :

Jenni Rivera's father responds to rumors that his daughter is still alive

Jenni Rivera.

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The Rivera family presents next to Sony Music the gold and platinum records they have won Jenni Rivera for the songs ‘Apparently well’ and ‘Let’s cheat it’, which were released a few months ago. So Pedro Rivera, the father of the deceased singer, made a request to his daughter’s followers and thus avoid clarifying a difficult situation for the family.

“I want to ask the public to forget about asking us if Jenni is alive, because that is another fake. What wouldn’t we say because my daughter is alive and that they don’t think she’s alive because we’re releasing material, these are things that she did, that she worked tirelessly to leave something for the whole family ”.

Juan Rivera talks about new releases coming next year and hopes that Ángela Aguilar will interpret a song from ‘La Diva de la Banda’.

“Angela Aguilar was invited to participate in a topic. Artists like Ángela are connected to another generation that my sister is not, so the job is to connect the generations with my sister so that Jenni Rivera continues to transcend ”.

“Angela, please call us! since the publicist does not communicate ”, says Rosie Rivera.

Rosie also anticipates that the film they are preparing to tell the life of her sister will focus more on showing what kind of woman she was.

“It’s the story of the woman, I don’t have to tell the story of the artist, the fans have already done that. For me it is the story of a Latina, the daughter of immigrants, who happened to be a singer and who tells everything there, the good, the bad and the ugly ”.

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