New York : Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez ‘fight’ over the same beauty products

New York :

Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez 'fight' over the same beauty products

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

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Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez They not only share a home, a more than satisfactory coexistence and an exciting project for the future that, as soon as the pandemic allows, will lead to one of the most media weddings in global social chronicle. And, as the Bronx diva revealed in her last interview, the two lovers also have a range of commonly used beauty products that helps them keep their skin smooth and soft and for which, curiously, they sometimes fight to determine who should have preference in their use.

As expected, these items belong to the new line of cosmetics that the pop star will soon begin to market under the name ‘JLo Beauty’: a series of moisturizers, scrubs and other items that her future husband has decided to start to personally “test” to make sure they meet the strict quality criteria that the couple always sets for any of their projects.

“She has loved skin care products, forever. And now that we’re testing mine, he can’t help but go for them. He says, ‘What are you doing? What are you wearing now? Leave me a couple of them or give me some of this other ‘. And in the end we end up fighting over them and I tell him not to be stingy, that they are samples and that he will have the chance to have hers “, the actress also joked in conversation with the news portal E! News.

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