New York : Jennifer Lopez revolutionizes the networks with a tender memory singing with her daughter

Jennifer López with Max and Emme.

Photo: Kevin Winter / .

Jennifer Lopez is one of the top artists of today, in addition to having established herself as an actress and singer, the famous is a dedicated mother what day by day drives your shoots to be big persons.

How a whole proud mother, JLO shares quite regularly images of their little ones in their networks social, presuming the achievements they have been achieving.

Now the actress has surprised his fans remembering a tender moment he starred with his daughter Emme, during the tour he made in 2019. Back then, took his little girl on stage to perform one of their songs together.

The girl impressed all attendeesbecause they were surprised at the powerful voice of the little. A year later, we were able to see her again during the Super bowl singing a small fragment of one of his songs.

The small has shown us that he inherited the powerful genes from his parents and, like them, he wastes talent.