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Like other airlines, the company seeks to strengthen social distancing measures in cases where passengers travel alone.

A JetBlue plane.

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If you have plans to travel with JetBlue Before July 4, you should be aware that the middle seats in each row will be unoccupied if passengers are not traveling together.

This week, the airline announced that it will continue with said policy until at least July 6.

“As communities begin to reopen and with summer travel kicking off this weekend, more people are starting to travel, and we want them to feel safe at JetBlue,” said Joanna Geraghty, president and chief operating officer of the company. it’s a statement. “Our program includes a series of protections throughout the trip that work together to keep everyone safe and well,” added the spokeswoman.

The provisions indicate that the seats in the center of the rows will be free on the airline’s Airbus planes, while those on the smaller planes – such as the Embraers – will be unoccupied.

Like JetBlue, other US airlines have been implementing these and other additional distancing and protection measures to prevent contagion between travelers.

The mandatory use of face masks for aircraft and airport personnel, and passengers, for example, is one of the most widespread practices.