New York : Joe Biden: “a $ 1,200 stimulus check is still up for grabs for inclusion in a bill”

New York :

Joe Biden:

Joe Biden has shown his support for the bipartisan plan.

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It seems that a second stimulus check it might not be integrating into the new stimulus bill for this year 2020. Although the odds are tilted towards a direct payment to citizens until next year, some lawmakers are seeking to include the check within the $ 908 billion stimulus bill. Dollars.

So far it is only known that legislators would include a payment of $ 300 weekly unemployment assistance, support for small businesses and money for vaccine distribution but does not include a payment intended for citizens.

“I think it would be better if citizens had the $ 1,200 dollars and I understand that this may still be at stake, “said the president-elect, Joe biden, this week while showing support for the bipartisan plan.

The bill is the last chance to bring back financial aid, as the additional unemployment and eviction benefits remain. until they expire on December 31. The new proposal is expected to be analyzed during this weekend and can be presented in its entirety this Monday.

Democratic Senators Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other legislators said that will not support the $ 908 billion proposal as is because does not contain a stimulus payment for qualifying individuals and families and they oppose a program that provides greater support for businesses, The Hill reported.

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Despite opposition to the bipartisan bill, top political leaders have expressed optimism that a bill can be passed on time, although differences remain.

“There is momentum,” said the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy pelosi. “It could provide significant relief for millions of people who are suffering financially, personally when it comes to health.”

Biden has already called the $ 908 billion proposal a “down payment.” of a broader and future stimulus package, underscoring that relief “is immediately necessary” for unemployed Americans, people facing eviction and those struggling to pay off a mortgage, The Washington Post reported.

Both Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agree that any stimulus aid must be tied to a bill that also provides government funding, Bloomberg reported. That bill ends on December 11 and if not renewed, it would lead to a costly government shutdown.

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