New York : Julián Gil has this impressive mansion in Miami, will he share it with his new girlfriend?

The gallant shares his impressive house Fuli, his pet, but perhaps in the future he will do it with Valeria Marín, who is 21 years younger

The Argentine actor Julián Gil, 50, is living a great moment on a personal level, having recently confirmed that he maintains a sentimental relationship with the Mexican presenter Valeria Marín.

Despite already having six months of dating, so far neither of them has given clues about a possible move, since he lives in the city of Miami and she in a Mexico City apartment.

While one of the two decides to take that important step, we take you to see the mansion that the also presenter could share with his girlfriend, who is 21 years younger, in Ciudad del Sol.

Dad’s home Nicolle and the little one Matías Gregorio became, during the quarantine, a television set from where he broadcast the broadcast ‘Ok! I stay at home’.

Thanks to his program, the also businessman allowed us to know some corners of his imposing house, which he shares full time with Fuli, his dog, who came into his life four months ago.

Here we share some images that show certain details of the incredible villain of the soap operas.


Its open kitchen is made up of a chocolate-colored cupboard, stainless steel appliances and a bar that works to prepare food and as a breakfast bar.

Your bar, as well as your stove area, is covered in marble.


On one occasion, while carrying Fuli in his arms, he showed us part of his dining room and his living room, which opens onto a large window overlooking his garden, so natural lighting is never lacking in his house.


Your bedroom is made up of a large bed with white bedding and a gray headboard.

In the bedroom there is also an individual armchair and views towards the exterior of the house.


The garden is, without hesitation, one of the most spectacular places in his mansion, even being Julián Gil’s favorite place to record his program.

There he has a couple of hammocks hanging from the trees, in which he likes to lie down while sunbathing.

As a good Argentine, the presenter of ‘República Deportiva’ has a grill in his garden, in which he enjoys grilling some exquisite cuts of meat.

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