New York : Just the same! Emme, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, revolutionizes the networks with her new look

Emme and Jennifer Lopez.

Photo: Elsa / .

Jennifer Lopez’s twins, which he had with the Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony, each day that passes they look more like their parents.

Who took a step forward in the similarities with his mother was Emme, 12 years old. Accompanied by Max, the teenager he gave his mother a surprise through a video call at the People’s Choice Awards gala, where JLo won the 2020 Icon award.

The young woman wore shorter hair, showing her natural curls, a look that I know resembles the one that the “Get Right” interpreter once used, something that his fans immediately recognized and emphasized.

Emme Maribel Muñiz has left her long hair behind to further define her Chinese, something that undoubtedly reflects that the daring and the change of style are within their way of being.

Who Last year he came out in the Super Bowl, little by little he shows that he is following in his mother’s footsteps in the world of music and that she also has enough creativity to be a great artist.

After having published his first book “Lord Help Me”, which he began writing in 2013, and with a voice similar to that of Jennifer Lopez, Emme is carving what could be the beginning of a great star.