New York : Karla Martínez on TeletonUSA: “In months we knew what it was like not to go out, these children feel it all the time”

New York :

TelethonUSA It is a challenge every year, a tireless solidarity race to give a better quality of life to many children who were born with a disability or who were surprised by life with an accident that changed them forever. But What will this December 12th look like when a new journey begins to achieve the goal in times of a pandemic?

We exclusively spoke with Karla Martinez, who has been in TeletonUSA since the day of his birth, who is one of the most representative faces of this act of generosity and love that this cause entails and who, he says, is ready to overcome the challenge with the best medicine: love .

-How is a USA Telethon in times of pandemic?
Karla Martinez: The main ingredient that will not be lacking, even in times of a pandemic, is love, and you will be surprised to feel an audience that is moved by the stories, that laughs with you. But the main ingredient is going to be there, and the hearts of Latinos and non-Latinos, because the truth is that we have felt the affection of everyone … The main challenge is to try to convey that closeness, even though we go to be away telling the stories of the families, of the children.

-In this Telethon not everything will be tears, they have a schedule full of entertainment for these 17 hours.
Karla Martínez: Since last year we have already begun to incorporate entertainment a lot, because today we also realize that people need that respite, they are very strong stories that move you, break your heart, and you do need that ups and downs of emotions that it is life in general. We had already incorporated stories from ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’, which is always our hit, when you put it on it goes super well. Musical numbers cannot be absent either, because those are the ones that people want to see, and especially in times of pandemic I think that what we want the most is to distract ourselves a little from everything that happens outside. And the comedy that is always present.

Telethon USA
Telethon USA. Photo: Univision

– In such a difficult year with the pandemic, how was TeletonUSA able to cope with the treatments at the CRIT?
Karla Martínez: If for us, blessed God, that we do not have any disability, that within everything we have the most important thing that is health, work, we feel trapped, we feel so vulnerable, imagine those children! Imagine those families! Those families they are trapped inside the body of a child who wants to do so many things and cannot because of his disability. I believe that this year has shown us a reality that we never imagined. I believe that it is the moment of such a wonderful opportunity that God is giving us, to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. In a few months we knew what it was not to go out, we knew what it was not to be able to do, those children and their families feel it all the time, so the importance of saying you know what? Today I’m going to put myself in your shoes and I’m going to help.

– Perhaps today many people, due to the pandemic, were left without work, the situation is more complicated than in other years, but we all live a ‘paralysis’, do you think that generates more empathy?
Karla Martinez: That is the biggest challenge because perhaps many people will say: “How do you think of asking for money when people do not have jobs?”… It is such a wonderful opportunity that God is giving us to help others, we were all the same for many months , because money does not matter, because it does not matter what you did, because it does not matter who you were, you lived the same, we all live the same, and for the first time I think we are putting ourselves in the place of the other and these opportunities, that God gives us , they are to help, to return so many blessings that we could continue working … In all my years that I have been doing Telethon I have realized that the people who sometimes donate the most are the ones who have the least, and those people are the ones who give you the greatest life lessons, because they take away what they don’t have to give to the next door.

-You have been in all TelethonUSA, what does this cause mean for you today?
Karla Martinez: Telethon is the reason why I am in this television business, I have told you in other interviews, I have always been very clear about my mission, which is to serve, I was never interested in being famous, my mission was always very clear, to serve, and these opportunities are what allow me to put my life purpose into practice… When December arrives, it is so beautiful because we are all already excited that the day is approaching. When you do a Telethon you have all your feelings on the surface, you end up exhausted, but with a heart so full of joy, of rejoicing, of seeing how the union can really do wonders. I know how blessed I am, and every day I thank God, but talking with families further reaffirms all the blessings you have. Every year you learn something, when I see my stories and everyone will be able to tell you the same thing, we go home thinking about them, I don’t know how they really do it, my respects.

Telethon USA
Telethon USA. Photo: Univision

– What about the mother who lives those stories, and returns home and sees her daughters?
Karla Martinez: The first thing I do, at any time, I hug them … I arrive with a heart full of love, gratitude, I give them a kiss and their blessing … I thank them every day, but on those nights in particular, I really appreciate so much and so much to God, to be able to see my daughters not only walk, run, move, simply to be able to tell me “Mom … Many of those moms have never been able to hear their son say it to them, a word that is magical, those nights came full of love.

-From everything we have talked about, how do you think this Telethon will be?
Karla Martinez: A challenge, because we are in the middle of a pandemic, because I know that many people still doubt the cause, because I know that many people are going to say: “How do you think, when there is no work, when half the country or all Is the world suffering? ”… But I have faith, I have hope that people are still there, they continue with open hearts more than ever, and we are all entrusted to God giving us the strength and the words to reach the hearts of the audience .

Telethon USA. Photo: Univision

-You were just talking about those who still doubt, what do you say to those people who do not believe that the money that is raised does go to the CRIT, to rehabilitations?
Karla Martinez: There will always be the unbeliever, when someone tells me that, I tell them to go to CRIT, it is always open. Even if anyone wants to go and ask them to account for the numbers, they can give them to you. They give you an appointment, and there they have an open book for that … Nobody hides anything. I have experienced first-hand the feeling of each one of these families and each of those children, I have seen the joy in their eyes, many cannot speak or move and those eyes say everything. I have seen the gratitude in the eyes of those children…. In life we ​​do not have everything guaranteed, some of these children who were born healthy, their lives changed in an accident, so you never know. We have a story about a lady who always donated to the Telethon and now her nephew is the one who is receiving therapies at CRIT because he had an accident. The fact that one helps means that a future, God save, if you ever need it, they will be there for you too.

Telethon USA
Telethon USA. Photo: Univision

Teletón USA will begin its transmission this coming Saturday, December 12 at 10/9 AM Central on Univision, and will last 17 hours, where it is sought to raise the largest amount of money to be able to pay for the treatments of the children who are treated at the CRIT in San Antonio, Texas.

Karla Martínez will accompany her in the driving Alejandra Espinoza, Raúl González, Alan Tacher, Rafael Araneda, Galilea Montijo, Charytín Goyco, The Dasa, Natalia Jimenez, Paul stanley Y Bright Star.

On the list of stars who will come together to support children are Ángeles Azules, J Balvin, Yennis Bencosme, Ally Brooke, Becky G, Camilo, Eduardo Capetillo and family, Gabriel Coronel, El Dasa, Farina, Joss Favela, Luis Fonsi, Karol G, Greeicy, Larry Hernández, Natalia Jiménez, Melina León, Lucero, Ricky Martin, Mau and Ricky, Isabella Merced, Christian Nodal, Danna Paola, Maite Perroni, Chiquis Rivera, Paulina Rubio, Los Sebastianes, Thalia, Dayanara Torres, Victor Varona, Sebastián Villalobos Y Sebastián Yatra.

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