New York : ‘Kikín’ Fonseca and Werevertumorro mock the “lawsuit” between Memo Ochoa and Luisito Comunica

Some days ago, Guillermo Ochoa turned on social networks after he criticized the youtuber Luisito Communicates, since on multiple occasions they have been compared for their physical similarity.

The American goalkeeper said: “Don’t screw me, I will put him in the gym”, and he got a response from the influencer who was surprised by the comments and Paco Memo had to go out to clarify that it was all a joke.

After the “lawsuit,” the former TUDN soccer player and commentator, Francisco ‘Kikín’ Fonseca, he took time to make fun of what happened and did the same when a Twitter user compared him to Werevertumorro.

Without hesitation, the youtuber followed the game to ‘Kikín’ and replied in Twitter in the same way that Luisito communicated with Ochoa.

The trolley did not end there, since Fonseca replied the explanation made by Paco Memo, saying that everything was a joke and that he liked his work very much.

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