New York : Kim Kardashian is trying to be conquered by a ‘Succession’ actor

New York :

Kim Kardashian is trying to be conquered by a 'Succession' actor

Kim Kardashian.

Photo: Michael Loccisano. / Michael Loccisano / Wire Image

Now that the whole world has assimilated that we are facing the end of ‘Kimye‘, after what Kim kardashian present the petition for divorce To conclude their seven-year marriage, candidates willing to win her over and make her forget her ex-husband were slow to appear on the scene.

The first of these has emerged from the popular series of the HBOSuccession‘: the actor Nicholas braun, best known for giving life to the cousin Greg in the saga about the family Roy, just posted a three minute video on Instagram in which he is very understanding of the difficult situation the celebrity is currently going through, but cannot help wondering if Kim You should not consider changing the registry radically and looking for the exact opposite of Kanye West.

“She has already been married three times, and the question is whether at this point she would even be willing to give love a chance. Would I be open to meeting someone new, someone completely different? “, The interpreter wonders in said recording, in which he plays to be clueless with the clear objective of attracting the attention of Kim.

In her opinion, the right man for her right now would be a tall guy – he, coincidentally, is almost two meters tall – and who is capable of making her laugh: “Maybe a guy who talks about you on the internet,” she has suggested. “A guy who dares to make a video like this because he’s trying to find a way to talk to you and he doesn’t know anyone who knows you.”

On the other hand, Nicholas -that he is 32 years old, eight less than Kim– knows that this particular form of courtship that he has displayed through Instagram It may be shocking, although he hopes that in this case “different” is also positive.

For now it has not transpired if Kim is one of the many fans of ‘Succession‘, but the truth is that she He does not have any actor on his sentimental resume. She has previously been married to the music producer Damon Thomas, with the basketball player Kris Humphries and with the controversial rapper, with whom she has four children.

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