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The Guatemalan model was seen with a sexy lace top and shorts that revealed her toned body

Kimberly Flores attacked on her birthday

Antonio Ordaz / Reform Agency

Kimberly Flores He surprised his social media followers again with a sensual image in which he posed with tiny clothes.

The singer’s wife, Edwin Luna She boasted her curvy silhouette before 1.3 million users who follow her on Instagram. It was through a photograph published on her social profile that the Guatemalan-born model caught fire, all thanks to her showing off in a sexy white lace top that she combined with a tiny yellow short.

Happy Saturday“Is what he wrote next to the sensual selfie in which he is seen posing in front of the mirror, while exposing his shapely body.

And although he generally receives strong criticism, this time he caused thousands of fans to dedicate burning compliments and compliments to him.

Some days ago, Kimberly He shared a video that aroused the curiosity of his fans, as everything indicates that he could venture into a new facet, in which music could be involved.

“Coming soon,” was how the clip in which she appears with makeup in hand, training and listening to music in a pink bodysuit, described it. While the mystery of the new project he is dealing with is cleared, his fans can continue to enjoy his sensuality on social networks.