New York : Latino Household Income Increased to Record Highs Before Coronavirus

The unemployment rate remains high among Latinos. .


The coronavirus pandemic put a brake on rising incomes for Latino households.

According to data from the Census Bureau, the median income of Latino households reached a historical record in 2019 with an average of $ 56,113 dollars, up from $ 52,382 dollars in 2018 and any other year in the series, which began in 1972.

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Likewise, the 2019 average income of the White, African American, and Asian households They also increased from 2018, rising 6.8% overall and going from $ 64,324 in 2018 to $ 68,703 last year. This is the highest figure in this index since the Census Bureau began analyzing these data in 1967.

With this, it was achieved that the poverty rate out of 10.5%, 1.3 percentage points lower than in 2018.

The 2019 poverty rate of 10.5% marks the fifth consecutive annual decline for the indicator.

Since 2014, this index has fallen 4.3 percentage points and that 10.5% is the poverty rate lowest observed since the estimates for 1959 were initially published.

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In 2019 there were 34 million people living in poverty, approximately 4.2 million less than in 2018, highlights the Census report.

The poverty rate for whites decreased 1 percentage point, to 9.1%, while that of Hispanics decreased by 1.8 percentage points to 15.7%, that of African Americans by 2 points (18.8%) and Asians by 2.8 points (7.3%).

These figures reflect the situation before the arrival of the pandemic to the United States last March, which unleashed a serious economic crisis and caused the unemployment rate to skyrocket to 14.7% last April, when in March it was 4.4%.

Since then, and after having caused, according to official figures, more than 6 million infections and almost 200,000 deaths in the US, the situation has gradually improved and in August the general unemployment rate was 8.4% among the general population. .

However, these figures and economic activity in the United States, which contracted at an annual rate of 31.7% in the second quarter of the year, equivalent to a 9.1% compared to the previous quarter, they should be noted in the study carried out by the 2020 Census as a whole.