New York : Lili Estefan balconies at Raúl de Molina: “You are obsessed with Melania Trump”

New York :

Lili Estefan balconies at Raúl de Molina:

Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina from “El Gordo y La Flaca”.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

¿Raul de Molina obsessed with Melania and Donald Trump? Well at least that ensures Lili estefan,

It is known that Raúl loves to be well informed, not only about the world of entertainment, but also about current affairs, news, culinary art and even Fashion!

But sometimes it can be repetitive with some topics and he assured that in this case it is already an obsession! Yes, La Flaca told De Molina today in ‘The fat and the skinny’, who is obsessed with marriage Trump, especially with Melania.

One day after the assumption of Joe biden As the new president of the United States, in which the former president did not want to participate, the Trump couple flew to their summer home in Florida to settle.

Raúl was commenting on this news, and he wondered what had happened that night at the house of the former president and the former first lady, as he assured that she was in a bad mood and that they did not even say hello.

Faced with these questions, Lili told him to stop that topic, to talk about the new president and to stop his obsession.

How did Fatty take it? The public ‘favor’ returned two blocks later, when Lili had to present a piece on the White House dogs and said that Trump did not have … “Wasn’t it that we couldn’t talk more about them?”De Molina replied.

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