New York : Lili Estefan made the competition to Karol G and stole laughter

We already know that just a few days ago were the Latin Grammys And, although the situation was very different due to the pandemic, celebrities and critics did not stop doing theirs. After is the case of the Colombian Karol G, who dressed like a princess, as she was one of the night’s favorites.

But what ails us here is not that, but the driver of “The fat and the skinny” was related in a different way with the Colombian. They will wonder: “And what do these two have to do with it?” Lili estefan visited the same. With a very similar dress she appeared on the set of the show Univision and the critics did not wait.

“The skinny girl” He did it not out of mockery but to highlight the Colombian, who has grown impressively at a professional level, leaving the name of all Latinos very high. Further, Lili stated that this was the dress that generated the most comments during the night. He also stated that “Tusa had to have been the song of the year.” So he did not hesitate to pay a heartfelt tribute to Karol G.