New York : Lili Estefan’s dress went up and the public went crazy with her legs

New York :

Lili Estefan's dress went up and the public went crazy with her legs

Lili Estefan.

Photo: Vecc Schiaffino / Mezcalent / Grosby

“The skinny girl” most beloved of the chain Univision, Lili estefan, who has been in front of the screens of “The fat and the skinny” for 22 years, caused a revolution in Instagram. She posted a photo with a sexy yellow dress in which she turns around and the air rises, revealing her most admired attribute in addition to her huge smile, her legs.

There’s no doubt Lili he exercises and you can see it in his shapely legs. She also maintains an enviable skin tone typical of a Caribbean woman. Obviously, the comments were immediate and the compliments abounded.

“It’s good that you show your beautiful legs and show them that you are fully entitled. That you do not care what people talk about you because you are an authentic, unique person and above all a firm woman of her purposes and decisions “,” Fucking the most expensive legs in Latin America! Lol Bella Lili! “ Y “What spectacular legs you have !!! I adore her. Blessings!”, were the most prominent in the comments section of the Cuban.

Later, the beautiful television host posted other photos posing and making it clear that, at 53 years old, she is still an attractive woman and that, contrary to what happens to many, she looks more and more beautiful with the passing of the weather.

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