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The Mexican president spoke again of a campaign against his government by national and international media

The Mexican Government reported a record increase in cases of COVID-19, by overcoming the daily barrier of three thousand and registering 3,059 in the last 24 hours to total 65,856, although the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed “optimism”.

Mexico also exceeded 7,000 deaths from COVID-19, reporting 190 new deaths in the last day to total 7,179, although it is the first time in four days that it has not registered more than 400 deaths, according to the report of the Ministry of Health (H.H).

Despite acknowledging that these are the “most difficult” and “most painful” days, López Obrador boasted the effect of his government’s containment policies in a video that he published hours earlier on social media.

“I want to express my optimism to them, I have to speak to them with the truth and tell them that even in this circumstance I am optimistic, as far as it is possible because it is a very delicate, very serious matter,” said the president from the Moorish Hall of the National Palace.

More than one in five cases, 21.62%, remain active, which means that 14,253 people have symptoms in the last 14 days, the health authorities said.

The occupation of hospital beds in the network for severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) fell one percentage point to 38%, the SSa detailed.
This implies that there are 9,206 beds occupied and 14,836 available in 749 hospitals.

Statewide, more than three out of four general hospital beds, 76%, are occupied in Guerrero.
With this, Mexico City fell to the second place with 69% of occupation, followed by the State of Mexico with 58% and Baja California with 50%.

One in three intensive care beds, 34%, are occupied, with Baja California with 65%, Mexico State with 62% and Mexico City with 58%.

Again denounces campaign against him

Even so, the president denied that there is a hospital overload by accusing his “adversaries” of mounting a campaign against his government that is reflected in national and international media.

“(They say) that the hospitals are saturated, that the cremation ovens are full, things of that type that generate fear, fear, anguish,” he denounced. López Obrador.

The president defended the performance of his Government, noting that the country with the most deaths per capita is Belgium, with almost 15 times more deaths in proportion than Mexico.

He also cited that Spain has 11 times more, while England and France have about 10 times more.
“It is not as this alarmist, yellowing press says, Mexico has known how to face the pandemic and we are better than other countries, where unfortunately it has hit them a lot,” he said.

The president also denied the international notes that have reported that, in areas such as Mexico City, the actual number of deaths from COVID-19 would be up to three times higher than the official one.

“There is no black number, I do not want to talk about cases because they can say that cases are hidden, but we are not going to be able to hide, nor would we ever do so out of conviction, in principle, honesty, to hide deaths,” he said.