New York : Lorenzo Méndez says he is still in love with Chiquis Rivera despite their separation

New York :

Chiquis Rivera Y Lorenzo Mendez They have been living through a difficult time in their marriage. The couple decided to separate and divorce a few weeks ago. However, in recent days they were seen together again what has captured the attention.

All the fuss has also served to allow Méndez to promote his new Christmas song that he released this week. Naturally what all the media want to know is what will happen between the couple and Jimena Gallego did not hesitate to ask Lorenzo if there was a possible reconciliation with Chiquis.

I leave it in the hands of God“, Said the singer for the interview of” En Casa con Telemundo. ” “I am a very believing person and that his will be done, better than mine. I believe that he knows and has the answers for everything. [Chiquis] she is still my wife and I leave it in His hands“.

Gallego insisted and openly asked Lorenzo that he was still in love with his still wife.

Yes, definitelyReplied the artist. “I believe that a four-year relationship, you do not fall out of love with a person so quickly“.

Mendez laughed at the question of whether Chiquis was expecting a baby. The “Jingle Bell Rock” singer denied that he would be a dad again and said that all that was said were rumors.

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