New York : Man arranges delivery of 3 million pounds of unsold vegetables to food pantries

A good Samaritan in Washington state organized a troop of trucks to take vegetables to food pantries before they were destroyed.

George Ahearn, 45, founded the organization EastWest Food Rescue knowing that farmers were willing to destroy crops because they could not sell them due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The man learned that food pantries would accept food due to increased demand. An obstacle is that potatoes and onions they must be cleaned and packaged before being donated.

“There was a logistical nightmare, I thought you could harvest from the ground and carry them to the pantriesAhearn told ..

It was there when he decided to invite on Facebook. The man asked for volunteers to transport the food, clean and pack it. The call was a success since in the first week they mobilized 60 tons of vegetables.

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Another sign of the mission’s success is that more volunteers joined in to distribute the food. Support from the private company also appeared, such as a Honda dealer who donated a new car to the cause.

The organization has delivered a total of 3 million pounds of vegetables since the campaign started.