New York : Mariners president resigns after controversial derogatory comments towards his players

New York :

The tone and the way Kevin Mather, until this monday, CEO and President of the Seattle Mariners, he expressed himself about the players during a presentation he made at a business meeting, earlier this month, it cost him his departure from office after receiving a generalized rejection reaction.

Mather resigned from office and the managing partner of the Mariners, John stanton, reported in a statement that it was “Extremely disappointed” when he learned of Mather’s comments, which were made in a business meeting in Washington, on February 5 and posted online over the weekend.

In their statements, Mather spoke about former Japanese pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma, who was hired in January as a special assignment coach with the club, and your need for a translator and your limited English skills, which he considered something negative, the fact that he had to pay his salary and then another $ 75,000 to the translator.

He also referred to the minor league outfielder, the Dominican Julio Rodríguez, who is ranked the ninth-best promise in the majors.

“Julio Rodríguez has a bigger personality that all of you together. Is noisy. Your english is very badHe commented.

Thatl latest Mather incident within the organization after you already received complaints of harassment by two former employees, the former Mather executives and then-Executive Vice President Bob Aylward, and it was revealed in a 2018 report from The Seattle Times.

The team said it had “made amends” for those employees. The claims date back to the late 2000s.

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