New York —

The impact that The Last Dance series has had on public opinion cannot be denied, but also professional athletes have been shaken by the message of seeking victory at all times and at the cost of whatever Michael Jordan left in all who saw it.

Carlos Vela, declared NBA fan He was also moved by the words and memories of “His Majesty” Jordan:

I feel like I have so many things to learn from Michael Jordan to try and be the best. I take it as motivation. Maybe I need to be harder, do more things to help my colleagues to be better so that we can win more championships ”, said Vela in an interview with

The best player in MLS highlighted the mentality of the best player of all time: “You are not there to see it day by day, but when you see what Michael Jordan did, you feel something special, something different from the rest

It will be Michael Jordan’s message could have an impact on the decision to return one day to the Mexican National Team?