New York : Mazatlán is humiliated by Puebla in its debut, and the field full of insects

Videos of insects on the Kraken court circulated on social networks

This Monday, Mazatlán FC had their debut in the Liga MX, in a match where they were overwhelmed by Puebla with a score of 1-4, also that the court looked full of insects.

On social networks they circulated the videos of the insects on the court of the Kraken de Mazatlán.

Apparently not even the local fauna wanted to miss the debut of Mazatlán FC in Liga MX since during the game bugs were seen walking through the field of the new stadium.

The history of Mazatlán FC in the First Division started with the left foot, because in the first game of the Guard1anes 2020 Tournament, he lost at home 1-4 against Puebla, in a game where the best was in the final stretch, where the Mazatlecos had to endure the Puebla win.

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