New York : Meghan Markle gets into trouble with British monarchy over necklace

The biography of Meghan and Prince Harry reveals a wake-up call that the actress received for wearing a jewel when they were just beginning their relationship

As expected, the biography of the dukes of sussex titled ‘Finding Freedom ‘ It is serving to reveal unknown details about the accumulation of circumstances that would have pushed them eventually to renounce their status as ‘royals’ and abandon the British monarchy, an exit that took effect last March.

For the former actress, one of the first clues of what she could expect from her life with the prince harry arrived at the beginning of their relationship, when she received the first ‘wake up call’ about her wardrobe.

In late 2016, at the time she was still residing in Canada to record the series ‘Suits’, Meghan She was seen wearing a discreet gold necklace with the initials ‘H’ and ‘M’, believed to have been given to her by the grandson of Isabel II. That detail was interpreted as an indirect confirmation of the rumors that had already begun to circulate about the couple by then, and it did not grace the kensington palace.

The authors of the book, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, they assure that the duchess received a phone call from one of the employees of the British royal family to inform him that this type of behavior, romantic as it may seem, would only get the paparazzi to redouble their harassment and would also generate more headlines.

“He didn’t say too much during the call, and instead just listened to the advice they offered him. But after hanging up the phone, she was frustrated and upset. ”, states one of the passages.

That conversation left her very shocked, because she did not understand how someone could interfere and comment on the jewelry she wore or whether or not she smiled at the photographers when she hit them on the street.