New York : Melania Trump will participate in the second night of the Republican convention. What will she talk about?

The first lady’s speech generates a lot of expectation since during her stay in the White House she has kept a low profile

Melania Trump will appear from the newly remodeled Rosadella of the White House.


The second day of the Republican National Convention began this Tuesday under the slogan “Land of Opportunity“, And with the first lady, Melania Trump, and the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as keynote speakers.

The interventions will seek to underline “the opportunities generated“For US President Donald Trump and his” efforts “for citizens to” reach their full potential, “the campaign said in a statement.

Melania Trump will be the one to close the night with an expected speech, something unusual for her since she has preferred keep a low profile during his stay at the White House.

The first lady is expected to speak from the remodeled Rose Garden of the White House, where her husband will be to listen to her.

“Every word of the speech that the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, will give tonight at the Republican National Convention will be hers,” said her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, after the controversy starring in 2016 by the wife of the now president, who was accused of plagiarizing her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

For his part, Pompeo will break with the tradition that He left the Secretary of State out of the conventions of the moment in deference to the obligations that the leadership of American diplomacy entails.

His intervention will also take place from Jerusalem, where he is on an official trip, and it is more than likely that highlight Washington’s strong ties to its great regional ally, Israel.

In addition, the participation of Larry Kudlow, the main economic adviser of the White House; Rand Paul, Republican Senator from the more libertarian wing, and Lt. Governor of Florida, Jeanette Nuñez, Co-Chair of Latinos for Trump, among others.

Republicans, aware of the urgency of the election, have also called for state officials who may be key cLike Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds; Kentucky Attorney General David Cameron and Robert Vlaisavljevich, the Democratic mayor of the small Minnesota town of Eveleth, who have announced their support for Trump.

Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Brandon died in 2014 when her vehicle collided with another driven by an undocumented immigrant in Arizona, was expected to also speak, but the Trump campaign removed her at the last minute from the show because the woman had retweeted a theory of the anti-Semitic conspiracy of the QAnon group.

As part of the “ordinary Americans” will be today Nick Sandmann, a young white Trump supporter who sued various outlets for his alleged biased coverage of an encounter he had with an indigenous person in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington in 2019, captured in a video that went viral.

The president will accept the nomination for re-election in a speech he will deliver live on Thursday 27 from the White House.

While the vice president, Mike Pence, will intervene tomorrow, Wednesday 26th from Fort McHenry in Baltimore (Maryland), known for being the site of a battle that in 1812 inspired the composition of the United States national anthem.