New York : Melania Trump without any sadness for having to leave the White House

New York :

Melania Trump without any sadness for having to leave the White House

Melania Trump is getting ready to move to Florida.

Photo: Olivier Douliery-Pool / .

The First Lady Melania Trump She is not suffering from having to leave the White House and is already preparing everything to move, although she has not helped with the arrival of Jill biden.

“She is not sad to go”a source who works at the official residence told CNN.

On possible attendance at the inauguration of the president-elect Joe biden, the source said that the president Donald trump He made it very clear: he will not come. Your wife will act accordingly. The problem, the report adds, is that the First Lady found out by surprise.

“It is not the first time that he finds out what he decides, but because he tweeted it before telling him”the source said. “She is part of this. It may be silent, but it is part of this.

The report adds that Melania Trump has accomplished nothing significant other than her battered #BeBest campaign against cyberbullying, but given President Trump’s aggressive messages against various adversaries, the First Lady’s efforts were unsuccessful.

It is noted that there has been no contact with the wife of President-elect Biden, as should have happened at this time, as in other years in the transition of government.

The presidential couple prepares to moving to Florida with his son Barron.

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