New York : Miami businessman buys Lamborghini with aid money for COVID-19

The alleged criminal bought jewelry, clothing and stayed at luxurious Miami resorts, so investigators deduced the statements were false.

The car has a cost of $ 318,000.

Photo: John McCoy / .

A businessman from the city of Miami, Florida, was accused of fraud after it was revealed that he used the employer support money for coronavirus to buy some luxuries, among which was a Lamborghini.

The United States Department of Justice noted that the defendant is about David T. Hines, 29, who made various fraudulent requests about the collection of wages from their companies, obtaining the amount of 13, 5 million dollars in bank loans from the Payroll Protection Program.

Said program was implemented by the American authorities to support employers to pay the wages of their workers.

However, the South Florida District Attorney’s Office It found that Hines purchased a 2020 Lamborghini Huracan sports car, at a cost of $ 318,000, after receiving the funds.

In addition, the alleged criminal bought jewelry, clothing, and stayed at luxurious Miami resorts. So the investigators deduced the falsity of David’s statements, when requesting financial support.

Judge John J. O’Sullivan reported that Hines faces charges of false statements, fraud and misuse of resources.