New York : Mike Pompeo and Ted Cruz “launch” for Trump’s throne

New York :

Mike Pompeo and Ted Cruz “launch” for Trump's throne

Senator Ted Cruz.

Photo: Sergio Flores / .

Two Republican heavyweights hinted at presidential aspirations within hours of Joe Biden’s inauguration as President 46 of the United States.

The first to be launched to the water was Ted Cruz, who was a presidential candidate in 2016. The Texas senator criticized the return of the United States to the Paris Agreement against climate change with language similar to “America First” of Trump.

“By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, the President Biden indicates that he is more interested in the opinions of the citizens of Paris than in the works of the citizens of Pittsburgh, ”Cruz wrote. “This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will damage the livelihoods of Americans.”

Cruz had to endure criticism and ridicule for the comment since it is a global agreement because climate change affects all nations.

A Cruz on the offensive and in the tone of Trump invites us to think about a new presidential aspiration.

Pompeo is encouraged

The second Republican to express any electoral intention was the former Secretary of State Mike pompeo. A tweet from him on Tuesday fueled rumors that the diplomat has presidential aspirations.

“1,384 days,” Pompeo wrote, referring to the number of days until Biden’s four-year term ends.

The countdown was taken as Pompeo’s way of going in search of the White House.

“Do you really think it could be the next president? ”Asked Molly Jong-Fast, editor of the Daily Beast.

Trump has also hinted at an aspiration in 2024, but it would be subject to what happens in the impeachment he will be subjected to in Congress.

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